Mobile Hotspot

A Mobile Hotspot from allows you to get 4G LTE Internet access almost anywhere in the United States on the AT&T Network. No-contract plans starting at $30/mo. Works in homes, airports, hotels, cars, boats, campgrounds, etc. No wiring or installation required! has some of the best data rates in the industry! Compare our cost/GB to the competition and you'll see that we offer a great value. All plans are no contract, so you can change as needed.

3 GB$30

5 GB$45

7 GB$60

10 GB$75

15 GB$100

20 GB$125

How much data will I need? Read these tips on selecting a plan.

We provide tools to monitor usage in My Account and on the Start Page. Also, once you reach 80% of your data plan, we send a daily email showing your usage.