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11/18/14 Start Page Updates - Yellow Pages has been replaced with Map Search. Music module was removed; music options are available from the Entertainment page.
9/11/14 Email Authentication We are rolling out a Start Page enhancement that will require you to sign in at Google to access your @toast.net email.
8/15/14 Added more security to the Start Page. To preview your Inbox and Calendar, you will need to click the red 'Sign in' button, enter your TOAST.net email address and password, then choose Accept.
6/18/14 Faster Cable Internet Speeds Now In Effect! We've upgraded our Cable Internet connections to 9Mbps or 26Mbps. Enjoy over 20% faster speeds at no additional cost! To see our new Cable plans, check TOAST.net Cable Internet.
5/13/14 Daily Slice: The Heartbleed Aftermath:
5/8/14 Start Page for Smartphones - We created a mobile version of the TOAST.net Start Page. Just go to www.toast.net/start on your smartphone or tablet and set it as your homepage.
5/1/14 Security Alert: An important patch was released to fix a vulnerability affecting all versions of Internet explorer. It is recommended you install it as soon as possible. Windows Update.
4/29/14 Daily Slice: New vulnerability endangers Internet Explorer users. Read More...
3/25/14 Forced HTTPS - Using https to encrypt your @toast.net email was optional. Now it's required. All email between you and the server is encrypted regardless of the device or network (includes public WiFi).
2/14/14 Email Sign-In Screen When using one of our Google-powered Sub Accounts you'll see a new sign-in screen. Simply type in your full email address and password to access your mailbox.

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