Managed AntiVirus Software

Managed Antivirus

Managing software takes a lot of resources. Renewing, updating, and maintaining Antivirus licenses is essential for security, but easy to neglect. One infected machine can mean lost productivity and costly repairs. Protect yourself, your workers, and free up valuable IT time with Managed Antivirus.

Powerful and easy to deploy, Managed Antivirus takes the worry out of Antivirus protection and maintenance. Update and infection monitoring ensures your Antivirus software is current and working optimally.

Keep Informed

Our continuous monitoring minimizes threats to your workstations and servers. If virus activity is detected, remedial action can be taken either manually or automatically. Daily reports are emailed to notify you the health status of your network.

Cost Effective

Managed Antivirus provides the most cost effective solution for PC security. Total cost of ownership is often much less than off-the-shelf security software, not to mention providing far more benefits. Monthly billing means you can add or remove licenses as your business changes -- no money is wasted on unneeded software!

Protect, maintain, and organize your PC security with Managed Antivirus!


Quantity Per User
1-9 $3.00/month
10-39 $2.50/month
40-99 $2.00/month
100+ $1.50/month

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Protecting My Business

(Home users: install Security Essentials)

  • Continuous data and hardware protection from viruses, Trojans, worms, and spyware. The ultimate solution for PC's and Servers.
  • Proactive monitoring by keeps antivirus/antispyware software up-to-date protecting you against new threats.
  • Real-time scanning stops malicious threats immediately.
  • Efficient memory usage that's light on system resources. Finally, anti-virus software that won't bog down your system.
  • Customizable for your work environment; set scan times and receive daily notifications on virus/spyware infections.
  • Actively managed by and our USA-based Technical Support is included for all members.