Patch Management - Keep Workstations Updated and Secure

It's Difficult To Keep Up

Cyber-attacks are on the rise. Hackers are now financially motivated to access your workstation in the hopes of exposing your valuable business information. Exploiting security holes in web browsers, applications, and operating systems, your data may be vulnerable. In most cases, applying available patches could stop an attack in it's tracks. However, patches need to be applied in a timely manner in order to be effective, and the sheer number of products requiring updates can quickly become overwhelming. Updates You Automatically!'s Patch Management Software secures your workstations by automatically installing updates as soon as they become available -- fixing security vulnerabilities before attacks occur. In addition, a security assessment of your workstations is compiled daily, allowing you to review your security status and inventory your assets. In the event a patch does not install correctly, Remote Support is available to guide you through manual installation. Patch Management keeps your computer from being exploited.

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How It Works

Patch Management - How It Works
  1. Installation: A small software client is installed on your workstation or server. This client will scan your operating system and applications to assess their status.
  2. Report: Your software status is analyzed by for available patches and known vulnerabilities.
  3. Prioritize: Patches are prioritized according to severity and automatically installed on your workstations or servers.
  4. Maintain: Scans are completed daily, so your software is always up to date!
  5. Reporting: A Daily Safety Check is available, showing the status of all protected computers.

Business Benefits

  • Cut Costs: Save on PC repairs due to infections.
  • Keep Data Secure: Avoid security holes that leave your data vulnerable.
  • Increased Productivity: Keep your computers in optimal condition and repurpose IT Staff to address more important projects.
  • Stay Focused on Clients: Keep your customers the priority instead of your computer.

We're Here For You! Managed Services feature a 100% USA based support staff! We understand that you want to focus on your business, not your computer problems. is very familiar with the issues faced by small businesses, and our experienced staff will provide you with the solutions you require.

Our Expertise. Your Business.

  • Automatic Updates Outdated software is one of the main causes of workstation security problems. patches these vulnerabilities automatically.
  • Vulnerability Assessment Analyzes your workstation's state against known threats, making sure you are protected.
  • Asset Tracking Keep track of hardware and software so you know what is being used, who is using it, and recording it's security status.
  • IT Administrators Additional controls and features available to enforce network safety and standards.
  • Daily Health Check Receive a daily status of your active workstations and software.
  • Remote Support's USA based technical support can take control when needed to correct problems remotely. No costly service calls and maintenance contracts.