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11/29/16 Start Page Weather - Added links to Accuweather and The Weather Channel for users who select Dark Sky weather.
10/26/16 Upgraded WorldClient mailboxes to version 16.5.1. You can now assign categories to messages and there's a warning if you forget the attachment. See the list of WorldClient domains.
8/30/16 Faster Speeds now available in NW Ohio and SE Michigan. Check out our new, super-fast 100 Mbps cable plan which has a 5 Mbps upload and includes 1,000 GB of data!
8/26/16 Increased the size of WorldClient mailboxes from 1GB to 5GB. These are the mailboxes and all the toppings: @butter, @jelly, @honey, etc.
8/22/16 Wireless Usage on Sprint network is now being imported 7 days/week. View up-to-date usage on the Start Page and in My Account.
5/24/16 Need an additional email account? Most plans come with the ability to create extra email accounts. Login to My Account and then select Email Accounts -- choose from over 20 different domain names.
5/24/16 replaces The Weather Channel for personalized weather on the Start Page.
4/27/16 SmarterMail - added mailbox size to the logout dropdown so you can see how much space you're using. Double your space from 10 GB to 20 GB for only $2/month.

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